Florence for Kids: guided tours for families with children in Firenze

These tours are designed for families travelling with children who want to give them the opportunity to visit museums while having fun discovering the curious and fantastic world of art.

These itineraries can be modified according to the needs of each family but are mainly aimed to the education of children . For this reason, when you will contact us, we will ask you a lot of information in order to help us create the perfect tour for parents and children.

Our attention will be focused on them, we will try to engage them with questions, with drawings, with the help of the camera, with the binoculars, with compass and with tablets , all of these tools will be used if necessary and measured according to the age of your children.

We present you some thematic itineraries, these are ideas and suggestions, let us know what you think and we would be happy to work together to organize the educational visit that you wish. We have included the most important museums of the city, thinking about a family visiting Florence for the first time, if you have been in our beautiful city before we still have many paths to offer, gardens, villas, palaces and above all a lot of fun!

Florence through the eyes of a child. First time in Florence? Florence through the eyes of a child. First time in Florence? A guided tour created for our little ones. Through myths and legends, mysteries and curiosities you will get to know the most important and not-to-be-missed places and personalities of Florence. If it is your first time in Florence and you have everything to discover don’t miss the unmissable: let us guide you! View Details >> The Uffizi Gallery The Uffizi Gallery Our professional educators will propose 3 different thematic itineraries for kids and teens inside the Uffizi Gallery. Grouped according to their age ( 3-6, 7-12 and 13-17) your kids will follow different imaginary threads, that will guide you through the visit among the beautiful works of art of the Gallery. View Details >> Bargello Museum Bargello Museum The Bargello is a magical place, where you will be carried away by myths and legends. In this guided tour you will discover the life of the young artists, the secrets of their materials –marble, wood, bronze, clay and majolica- and you will also find out their techniques and their exceptional production. View Details >> Galleria dell'Accademia Galleria dell'Accademia A tour created to discover the 7 masterpieces of Michelangelo. You will walk among the Pieta, the Saint Matthew and the Prisoners, guided by stories about the life and secrets of the great artist, painter, architect and poet, to eventually arrive in front of the majestic David. View Details >> Fresco Workshop Fresco Workshop An amusing and educational experience, suitable for all ages: try to realise a fresco with your own hands! An expert restorer and fresco painter will welcome you in his atelier and for one morning you will be an apprentice in a real workshop! Find out the secrets and the materials used in this ancient technique, and you will be the one making a small fresco to bring back home at the end of the day! View Details >> Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt Exclusive Connection can organize educational treasure hunts around Florence among myths, legends and work of arts. The treasure hunt could have different themes: a treasure hunt in the gardens of the most beautiful Florentine villas, or in the Boboli Gardens among caves and fountains, or a special treasure hunt following the footsteps of Michelangelo. View Details >>
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