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Lorenzo The Magnificent and the Golden Age of Florence
Lorenzo The Magnificent and the Golden Age of Florence

Talking about the Medici family we have to think about their social and political influence, their power and their connections.

That is why in this tour we’d love to compare the place where they lived and the church under their patronage.
Palazzo Medici, built in the mid fifteenth century by Michelozzo, is a shining example of Renaissance civil architecture and the symbol of the political and cultural supremacy of the Medici family. The place where Lorenzo the Magnificent spent his golden life surrounded by splendid artists, such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo.

Is very close to the place where his grandfather Cosimo il Vecchio was looking at the reconstruction of the Saint Lawrence Basilica and the unique synergy that Brunelleschi and Donatello originated inside the Old Sacresty.

After the impact with the first line of the family we carry on looking at the Medici mausoleum where the Florentine mosaics and the New Sacresty with the Day and the Night, the Dusk and the Dawn by Michelangelo, will leave in our minds a memory of the magnificence and the power of the Medici family.

● Half Day Tour – 3hr
● This tour is available in all languages!
● Prices starting from €180
● Tickets: Basilica of San Lorenzo € 8 each, Medici Chapels € 12 each, NOT included. We can provide for your reservation


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