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A Florentine Passeggiata – An introduction to Florence
A Florentine Passeggiata – An introduction to Florence

At sunset Florence turns into a peaceful and relaxing city, this is the best moment to enjoy a passeggiata, a promenade.
We start our walk in Piazza della Repubblica at 5.30 pm, from here it’s a short walk to Piazza del Duomo, where in all their beauty the Cathedral, known as Duomo, and the famed Baptistery, stand before our eyes illuminated by the soft light of the end of the day.

Our passeggiata of Florence continues with the splendid Piazza della Signoria, the central square of the city, home of the civil power with Palazzo Vecchio and the heart of the city's social life. Past the square you’ll then find yourselves in the courtyard of the Uffizi, surrounded by the imposing building of the museum.

On the lungarno, the road that runs along the river Arno, you will have the most splendid view of the Ponte Vecchio, that you are about to walk trough, at sunset. Past the oldest bridge in Florence there is the Oltrarno, it means beyond the Arno, quarter of the artisans and craftsmen, where lie monuments, gardens, museums and palaces that are unique in the world. It’s in Piazza Della Passera, a little and characteristic square near Pitti Palace, that our walk together through the streets and the monuments of Florence ends, but not before having a drink together.

A Spritz, a very “in” wine-based cocktail usually served as an aperitif, is the perfect way to end our tour!

● Half Day Tour – 2hr
● This tour is available in all languages!
● This tour takes place only in the afternoons.
● Prices starting from €120
● The aperitif is NOT included


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